2022 META [Scenography]

[[META Dokumentation - A film by Miriam Wolter]]


Meta is a group exhibition by the students of M.A Scenography and Communication from FH Dortmund. This was a part of the study curriculum and was supervised by Prof.in Anne-Kathrin Schulz and Prof. Oliver Langbein. The aim of the course was to visit multiple ongoing exhibitions, analyse them, and finally create an exhibition based on the design strategy and essence of the visited exhibition.

Inauguration: March 24th 2022 5pm

Duration of exhibition: March 24th – 27th 2022

Location: FH Dortmund Design Faculty

The Group

Alexander Weber, Allison Ender, Carlotta Markoetter, I-Chu lin, Kaja Ulm, Lisa Fischer, Maria Cementwala, Michelle Sabrina Pelka, Miriam Wolter, Nutnicha Puakkoh, Robin Heimann, Varun Krishnan and Wenxu Wang.

Intro Text

I wrote the introduction text for the exhibition in English. Translation to German was done by Allison Woodburn.

The [De]construction of seven art exhibitions under the limelight of scenographic ethos and investigational perspectives. The contents of these dissected exhibitions are scattered around meticulously in this black box studio room, revealing fragments of their essence. Could this essence indicate a common thread that is inherent to all exhibitions? Indeed, the inquiry revealed a neural network rooted in contemporary times.

Intro Boards

Contribution and Role

I have teamed up with Kaja Ulm and Wenxu Wang to create a wall of analysis based on the exhibition Dutch [De]light (website in Dutch) that took place in the outdoor spaces of Unna. We have worked on each stage of the design as a team. I contributed the concept for an installation based on Gosse de Kort’s Solidcinema. Additionally, I have made a field recording of the spaces in which we walked at Unna while visiting the exhibition and played it back through a portable speaker on the wall we have designed.

The exhibition design as a whole is the combined result of all the individuals who took part in this course, but a few students took the initiative to work with light exclusively. I and Robin Heinmann took the technical responsibility of the exhibition.

Unna Wall

Unna Wall ⬆ © Felix Schmale 2022 ⬆

Unna Wall Unna Wall Unna Wall

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Unna Sound Walk Piece (played through a portable speaker)

Unna Wall

© Kaja Ulm 2022 (pictures below until ‘The making of unna wall’) Unna Wall Unna Wall Unna Wall Unna Wall Unna Wall Unna Wall Unna Wall

Scenography of META (Group)

Intro All photographs below © Felix Schmale 2022 Meta Exhibtion (Group) Meta Exhibtion (Group) Meta Exhibtion (Group) Meta Exhibtion (Group) Meta Exhibtion (Group) Meta Exhibtion (Group) Meta Exhibtion (Group) Meta Exhibtion (Group) Meta Exhibtion (Group)