2021 The Plant Concert [Sound Performance]


The plant concert was a part of the 21st DASA Scenography Colloquium titled Same-same, but different. This event took place in Dortmund (1.–02.09.2021) in co-operation with FH-Dortmund, Faculty of Design, BA Communication Design and MA Scenography and Communication.

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Voice of the Botanical World

A peek into the world of a species that has been there as an inevitable part of human existence ever since the beginning of life forms.

The plant world is generally experienced by us through our sight, smell, and taste senses, but there is a dimension to these silent beings which can be translated into sonic signals. This is accomplished by the use of a device that measures the amount of water in the plant and transforms it to MIDI signals. The result is a continuous stream of sounds/ music that alternates. Depending upon the influence of different elements (water, air, light, touch) around the plant, the water movement varies, thus influencing the signal.

Perhaps, interacting with the botanical world using a different approach could reveal something about our inextricable bond with each other.

Musical Collaboration

The direction of this piece was guided by the characteristics and mood of the plant. The rest of us followed along and created a piece based on the musical structures that we are familiar with.


The Plant: Lead
Assal Jorjani: Vocals
Oliver Langbein: Software-synth voices + Percussion
Varun Krishnan: Modular-synth + Fx Processing


This event was performed and recorded in the indoor garden of DASA and streamed later over WebEx.

Excerpt from the booklet of the program

© Booklet by the students of BA Design, FH Dortmund.

Video Credits

Video Material: Friederike Emming, Maria Cementwala, and Oliver Langbein. Video Editing, Sound Mastering: Varun Krishnan


I would like to thank Mr. Marcus Starzinger for his patience and help in organising the space for this event at DASA and Prof. Oliver Langbein for the guidance and support through the entire process.