2021 Blind [Audio-Visual]


An audio-visual piece that emerged during the beginning of 2021. This piece was premiered on the pulse channel (YT) during the Pulse spring event.

‘Blind’ was inspired by the resolution of a feeling I had in the early months of 2021. All of life’s tangible organic parts were abruptly overwhelmed by the digital reality that had followed for a long time. Under the umbrella of the chaos and fear that is prevailing in the society, the digital reality kept its foot firm and tight on the ground. What are the consequences of these shifts ? Do we ever experience the world anymore without the romantic sense of past lurking around ? Would it lead to new revolution shifting the existing paradigm? Would it ‘blind’ those unique senses of human beings, which otherwise was in use ?


This piece was composed using an analog modular synth, a no input mixer, and field recordings from around Bochum, DE and Oslo, NO during 2020–21.

Most parts of the video are recorded using an iPhone 6s. I have also used visualisations from the software sonic visualiser at certain parts. The video is heavily processed using software instruments to get the desired feeling of the piece.

About Com(e)pulsive

Comepulsive is a group of 6 individuals who met through the EPAS program at KASK, Ghent/BE, in 2017. A year after meeting they made this platform to support each others development and to propose expanded sound art beyond venues, varying practices and institutional constraints.

“The C O M (E) P U L S I V E - series is our platform to communicate with the world, share our work and our love for sound. C O M (E) P U L S I V E is a fluid structure because we choose to work in the nooks and gaps, roofs and fields of the cultural landscape, to create something together we could not achieve alone. We dig, gather, create in different places of the world and bring our individual artistic findings to a big potlatch of the senses whenever we P U L S E.”