2019 A Streetcar Named Desire [Sound Master]


A street car named desire (En sporvogn til Begjær) premiered at Grusomhetens Teater on the 25th of October 2019. I worked as the sound master for the 10 shows we had at Grusomhetens teater in Oslo.


Equipments and Software used

About the piece

En sporvogn til Begjær (A street car named Desire) is written by Tennessee Williams in 1947. It has been frequently performed on theater stages all around the world. The film version

The action takes place in a tired New Orleans apartment just after World War II. Former teacher Blanche Dubois escapes after a forced sale of the family property and from a dark past to his sister Stella and her husband Stanley, and soon an intense psychological drama develops.

Some people need poetry to live, and want to see it around them. The name Blanche Dubois means; white forest, and as she herself puts it in the play; - like an orchard in the spring, but the lust of the innocent constitutes a paradox, an irrationality, a threat in modern society…


Sporvogn Poster

Poster Credit: © Grusomhetens Teater