Poetry Inventory

Jan 2022

Elevates ether on a higher plane
Resided amidst seeping light.

The light that penetrated,
Meandered through the hands of water-bearer.

Such is the formation of a moment,
A moment in constant departure.


She stood beneath the silent moon,
watching her shadows cast on the empty ground.

Fine lines bordered her..
leaving all her dreams unrevealed.

A breeze of warmth,
she knew it was time to say good bye..

Leaving the bright wings shine,
from dawn to dusk..


“The reflection of water
on the ceiling,

The movement of the drying clothes
with the wind,

The wasp that wanders around..
in and out of the room.

Sleepy eye lids..

The sound of this book rubbing a rough textile,
while the leaves and branches of a tree swaying in different patters.

The sunlight kept changing the shadow on the leaves,
with the wind.

The glance of a coconut tree far away,
through the abundance of tress.

All while listening to not saved,
dreaming of the northern wind,
under the nostalgic shadow of until the light takes us.”


I hear you through the distance between us..

Through the flowers and candle light,
the melody gently found its way to the self.

I feel you through the layers of harmony
and love..

through the movement of wind chimes..

27.02.14 Bangalore

The little wooden ferry I row,
above the clear but dense waters,
gave life to a thousand lilies
and water bugs..

I have touched the water
ensuring its cold !
evading the fear of reality..

Heavy rains clogged my path,
lost in obscurity..

the clouds moved,
the sun rose,
and the birds fly around
all in synchronous movement..

The lucid imagine of the hill became obvious..
yet leaving miles to wander.

17.04.14 Bangalore

I was shapeless,
flowing in mystery..
seeking a carrier.

A nest so fragile,
accepted me with glory..

We strayed aimlessly,
without boundaries.

A flash of bright light..
disobeying the time-space constant,


Where the dreams no longer exist.
Where memories are void.
Where day and night does not belong.

But there exists a harmony,
an eternity of selflessness..
and the unity of light and dark.

A rancid moment.

I came as an idea,
and left as one too..

01.07.15 Bangalore

Flapping wings
in an empty cage..

Floating over
an empty land,

High above..
yet below the sky.

To step out is to step within,
the reflection of infinity.