Connection to the Australian Aborigines

A few years ago, I became really fascinated by the music of the Australian Aborigines. Their traditional music has a very strong sense of rhythm. This is also the case with most of the music from the ancient cultures, and it was always connected to something that was bigger than themselves. This music felt very close to me, even though I had never listened to it before. Maybe it was because of the structure of folk music in South India, which also has a strong sense of rhythm. The interesting part of this discovery was that it was not an audible but a visual one.

The people of the aboriginal Australian community resembled those of the people in the southern part of India, where I grew up as a child. My grandfather, his aunt, some of the people whom I have studied with in my school, etc., and the list goes on. Our civilization has changed both visual and sonic lifestyles so drastically, but even then, this discovery struck me with a feeling that I could not comprehend. How could some of these people in South India visually resemble the Aborigines of Australia?

This was no surprise to the researchers and scientists who have been studying this specific topic for a very long time now. There were multiple in-depth surveys in South India studying the DNA of different communities. They found out that there was, in fact, a connection between these two groups. It could be possible that the first aborigines migrated through India from Africa to Australia, and some of us are the sprouts that they left behind.

I was absolutely thrilled! I did not need this information to feel a heart connection with these people and their culture. It happened very naturally at its inception. But now, with this newfound knowledge, I can connect with them through other senses as well. This makes me wonder about our connections with each other as human beings. We are so much more connected than we think that we are, despite where we live and our differences.