My name is Varun. I am a sculptor and installation artist exploring the periphery of video and sound. My interests include perma-culture/computing, Deep-ecology, Polytheism, and musical subcultures such as Black Metal.


This website is built using Hugo. Many thanks to Lukas Joswiak for this astonishingly light weight theme Etch. I have reworked on the it to suit my needs. Nonetheless, visually it resembles the original.


If not otherwise mentioned, the content on this website is under the license CC BY NC SA 4.0


ᚖᚚᚘ is a combination of three Ogham Alphabets

Ogham    Letter    Name    Meaning   
OI óir gold
P peith birch
IO iphín thorn

Why? - It´s because I am intrigued by forgotten ancient alphabets and they are extraorinary beautiful.

Image Processing:

All the images in this website are processed using Image Magick. This dramatically decreased the size of the image while retaining the quality.

All the banners you see on this website have been reworked extensively in order to achieve the desired effect. The author/artist name and licence type are as follows.


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